Line Messenger App Gets End-to-end Encryption

Line Messenger App Gets End-to-end Encryption


More messaging apps developers have introduced quite a lot of security features in the recent years. Despite the fact that there are some people who are not really satisfied about encryption, there is no doubt that it is a welcome feature, as nothing is going to stop the encryption train.

The Line messaging app has recently upgraded their messaging app, which will bring in a latest feature referred to as Letter Sealing and it is typically an back-to-back encryption. This simply implies that the messages and data you received and sent will be guarded right from delivery to receiving. Therefore, if it happens that people intercept your data halfway, it will be impossible for them to read it.

Letter Sealing scrambles the contents of your text messages with a key that is merely stored on your mobile device and not on any centralized servers and it is available on Android and iOS. The Line company says this makes it impossible for a third party to read intercepted chats.

The feature will firstly work with location sharing and heart-to-heart personality chats, but will further be extended to cover some other devices and features in the near future.

Letter Sealing is turned on by default for Android users with a sole device connected to their account. Nevertheless, you will be required to turn it on manually in settings, if you are on iOS or have numerous Android devices.

Going by a report from LINE messenger, this development applies to both their mobile and desktop apps for Windows and OS X. This will in actual fact offer uninterrupted encryption cross-platforms that the company maintains being the foremost messaging app to provide such features. As a matter of fact, there are no many messaging apps and desktop versions that are secure for both Skype and KakaoTalk at the moment. Hangouts and WhatsApp are at present subsists as web apps.

An upgrading of your app to 5.3.0 version or advanced is required, if you actually want to enable the feature. In order to turn it on since it is not enabled by default, you will need to locate this sign – More > Settings > Chats & Voice Calls > Letting Sealing. The message previews in your notifications will also be disabled, when you turn it on.


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