Line services halted temporarily in China due to technical difficulties

Line services halted temporarily in China due to technical difficulties


In Asia line is now very popular instant messaging service, which is used in there like India, China, and Pakistan vary widely. It belongs to the popular operating software manufacturer Microsoft and is gradually becoming a popular instant messaging app around the globe. However, there has been a slight disruption in the services provided by these apps in particular in the Mainland China.

Mainland China saw a blockade of several popular IM (instant messaging) applications and file-sharing services due to some technical difficulties. This also includes the services of mobile instant messaging app line which is a popular app in Asia and Kakaotalk. Services of other photo-sharing apps or websites like the Flickr and Microsoft’s file storage facility like One drive also got affected due to the downturn.

According to the officials, the temporary suspension was primarily due to the fact that major democracy protests took place in Hong Kong. They claim that these protests could be very dangerous for the residents living in those countries and to block the flow of information to the activists residing in Hong Kong the services were temporarily disrupted as well.

Other popular social media websites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook were also blocked as a result of the democracy protests which took place in London. This is because higher authorities were also concerned with the flow of information within these particular social Medias as well. Yahoo, however, reported to the agencies that they are carrying out a thorough investigation of the matter which took place. On the other hand, Line also said on its weibo account that it is going through a series of steps to fix the underlying problem and get back line to its full functionality.

The disruption totally affected the Line users in particular because there are around 400 million line users in Asia and Chinese users flooded their weibo complaining the unavailability of the services.

A spokesman from line told that users residing in China have complained regarding this particular issue and they were unable to access the services since the 1st of July. Authorities from BBC checked that Line users residing in Hong Kong and Taiwan were unaffected due to this particular matter.

The event took place from a series of past occurrences in May when some line users complained that the app started showing up some censor sensitive terms which were totally related to the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary.


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